Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last Week

This was my final week of my internship here at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. This week I worked Saturday through Tuesday because I could not work Wednesday as I was flying back to college then. This week was again mostly routine, more of the afternoons were routine as well. In the morning I cleaned either ruffed or ringtail exhibit and holding area, cleaned another holding area or two, fed the rats and the aye-aye, and sometimes did herps or prepare diets. In the afternoon I fed the islands ringtail and ruffed lemurs, fed rats, bats, and aye-aye. Did lemur enrichment and helped medicate the ruffed lemurs.

On Saturday the whole day was pretty much routine, so there wasn’t anything different that I did.

On Sunday in the afternoon I helped pull vines off the front fence of the fossa exhibit.

Monday was a very fun day as in the afternoon I got to do target training with the red ruffed lemurs. I also went to pick up mulch to add to the tortoise area of the ringtail exhibit.

Tuesday was my very last day. In the morning I went to go get the new crickets, then cleaned the cricket tanks and unpacked the new crickets, I watched collared lemur training, fed the collared lemurs their fruit, and then fell in the lagoon because I had to say goodbye to Howie, one of the red ruffed lemurs.

Sadly that is the end of my internship. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I will greatly miss everyone here especially the lemurs.