Sunday, July 28, 2013


Howdy Yall,
The accreditation Stuff I was going to start got postponed until after the conference. I am making a good amount of headway into the filing system. The project will defiantly not end with me as Ive only completed 1 drawer of 25ish cabinets. The Conference is coming up next week. I'm looking forward to it. I have been told that if i complete all my work for the day at the conference that i am allowed to sit in on the presentations. Which will be sweet, as ill get a look into what is up and coming in the forensic world. Hope yall are enjoying your summer.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Great Basin Institute Wk 5 & 6

Hey Everyone,

This will be my last post as I have completed my internship with The Great Basin Institute. The post will cover  weeks 5 and 6.

Week 5:

This week followed a very similar routine to that of week four. We continued to spray in the same parks where we had started. It was rainy this week which is unlike Nevada, making it only possible to dig. It was certainly a good workout!

Week 6:

This was a unique week because The Great Basin Institute acquired some work in the Lake Tahoe region. We were sent out for 4 days camping in the Spooner Lake area. Here we focused more of GPS mapping of weeds. We located areas that contained cheat grass, and we sprayed areas that contained oxeye daisies. The landscape here is beautiful and a couple of groups that went up the previous weeks were able to see a bear.

After my last week I was able to take a trip to San Francisco which was also a great place to visit.

All in all my experience in Nevada with the Great Basin Institute was one that I will certainly remember for the rest of my life. I met a lot of great people and made many connections. Its certainly worth the trip!

Thanks for reading and have a great summer!

Nice article on one of our summer interns:

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nice update from Joe who is working for the USFS at the Heber-Kamas Ranger District (USDA Forest Service) in Utah...

Hi Nicole,

Hope your summer is going great. Mine has been amazing. Here are a few pics for you as well if you want to post them to the internship blog. Look forward to hearing back from you and hope all is well. By the way the picture of smokey is me haha.




Friday, July 12, 2013

Where In the World Are Unity Interns??????

Here's a complete list of summer interns according to their respective majors. (Please note some of the majors listed below are no longer offered a Unity College, but may fall into existing majors with a new name.) For additional information on past internships contact Nicole Collins at

Adventure Based Environmental Education
Senior Naturalist, Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, AK
Nova Program Manager, Unity College, ME

Adventure Therapy
Behavioral Health Professional, Sequel Care of Maine, ME
Adaptive Whitewater Guide Intern, SPLORE, UT
Ropes Specialist, Camp Akeela, VT
Pine Grove Program Administrative Intern,Pine Grove Program, ME
Field Teacher, Bryant Pond 4-H Camp and Learning Center, ME

Agriculture Food & Sustainability
Organic Farmer, Sparrow Arc Farm, ME
Water Quality Intern, Friends of Lake Winnecook,ME
Equestrian Management Intern, Crowninshield Farm, ME

Art and the Environment
Apprentice, Artist Forest Hart,ME

HEMS Research Intern, Unity College, ME
Environmental Education Intern, Maine Audubon Center: Scarborough Marsh, ME
Intern, Governor Hill Fish Hatchery, ME

Captive Wildlife Care Wildlife Rehabilitation 
Intern, Wild Care Cape Cod, MA
Animal Care Intern, Erie Zoological Society, PA
Zoo Intern, Capron Park Zoo, MA
Animal Caretaker, Protectors of Animals, Inc., CT
Tropical Core/Sea Lion Intern, Utica Zoo, NY
Animal Care Intern, Utica Zoo, NY
Animal Caretaker, Waterford Country School: Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, CT
Cheetah Intern, Wildlife Safari, OR
Volunteer Internship, Inland Fisheries and Wildlife- Maine Wildlife Park, ME
Predator Department Intern, Safari- Tel-Aviv Ramant Gan Zoological Center, Israel
Animal Care Intern, Reptile and Amphibian Discovery Zoo, MN
Animal Husbandry Intern, Great Lakes Zoological Society, MI
Aquatics Animal Care Intern, Buttonwoods Park Zoo, MA
Animal Keeper Intern, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, MD
Vet Tech Intern, Rhode Island Veterinary Specialist, RI
Animal Care Intern, Zoo New England- Franklin Park Zoo, MA
Animal Care Intern, Zoo New England, MA
Animal Care Intern, Plumpton Park Zoo, MD
Intern, World Bird Sanctuary, MO
Animal Care Intern, Mill Mountain Zoo, VA
Volunteer, Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue, TN
Vet Tech Assistant, Sequist Animal Hospital,VT
Animal Care Intern, Topeka Zoological Park, KS
Animal Care Department Intern, Beardsley Zoo, CT
Education Intern, The Zoo in Forest Park and Education Center, MA
Education Intern, The Zoo in Forest Park, MA Office Call Assistant, Animal Health Center, NY
Wildlife Care Intern, The Center for Wildlife, ME
Resident Intern, Wildlife in Crisis, CT
Animal Care Intern, Animal Care Sanctuary, PA

Conservation Law Enforcement
Rehabilitation Assistant, Urban Wildlife Rehabilitation, MA
Park Ranger, Mt. Blue State Park, ME
Security, Walt Disney World, FL
Laborer, New Hampshire Trails Bureau, NH
Seasonal Park Ranger, CT
Department of Environmental and Energy Protection, CT
Marshal Assistant, US Federal Marshal Service, RI
Intern, CT D.E.E.P. Marine Division, CT
Fish Hatchery Intern, State of Maine IF&W, ME
Winslow Reserve Officer, Winslow Police department, ME
Assistant Park Ranger, Lake George Regional Park, ME
Assistant Park Ranger, Lake George State Park, ME
Intern, Criminal Identification Unit- Rhode Island State Police, RI
Forestry Technician, USDA Forest Service, NH
Intern, Sparta Police Department, NJ
Environmental Steward, Delaware State Park, DE
Wildlife Biologist, Pennsylvania Game Commission, PA
Interpretive Park Ranger, National Park Service, NY
Beach Patrol, Kennebunkport Police Department, ME
Summer Intern, Channel Islands National Park, CA
Bear Study Capture Team,Unity College, ME
Core Capture Team Bear Study, Unity College, ME
Attendant III Position, State of Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation, VT
Seasonal Maintainer, CT DEEP Kellogg Environmental Center, CT
Uncertified Security Officer, Dorney Park, PA
Assistant Harbormaster, Town of Wellfleet, MA
Fish Culturist, Powder Mill Fish Hatchery, NH
Summer Reserve Officer, Old Orchard Beach Police Department, ME
Summer Reserve Police Officer, Old Orchard Beach Police Department, ME
Fish Hatchery Intern, State of Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, ME

Earth and Environmental Science
Conservation Technical Assistant, Natural Resources Conservation Service, PA
Volunteer, Project Puffin, ME
Student Researcher, Wildlife and Forest Ecology Summer Research Experience, ME

Environmental Law and Society
Intern for Housing and Community, Nassau County,NY
Recreation and Wilderness Management Intern, White Mountain National Forest Service, NH

Environmental Science
Volunteer Student Intern, Unity College HEMS Project, ME
Wildlife Research Intern, White Memorial Conservation Center, CT

Environmental Writing and Media Studies
MOFGA Educational and Events Intern, Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association, ME
Video Intern, Maine Wolf Coalition, ME

Landscape Horticulture
Landscaper, Highlanders Gardens, ME

Marine Biology
Coral Lab Intern, Unity College, ME
Wet Lab Aquarist, Unity College, ME
Wildlife- Caretaker, Center for Wildlife, ME

Parks and Forest Resources
Forestry Technician Intern, Student Conservation Association, NH
Recreation Aid, Great Pond Outdoor Center, ME
Camp Counselor, Camp Courageous, IA
Intern, Baxter State Park, ME
Forestry Technician (recreation), Heber-Kama Ranger District (USDA Forest Service), UT
Land Department Assistant, Appalachian Mountain Club- Maine Woods, ME
Senior Unit Counselor, Camp Foss, NH
Visitor Use Assistant, Acadia National Park National Park Service, ME

Sustainable Agriculture
Farm Intern, Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm, ME

Sustainable Design Technology
Energy Project Intern, The White Memorial Conservation Center, CT 
Sustainable Energy Management Solar Technician, Sundog Solar Store, ME
Sustainable Design & Construction Management, Kirk Sherman Contractors LLC., ME
Intern, Insource Renewables, ME

Teaching and Learning
Student Researcher, Unity College, ME

Animal Care Intern, Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge, TX
Wildlife Wildlife Intern TWRC Wildlife Center TX
Wildlife Black Bear Study Capture Team Intern Unity College ME

Wildlife and Fisheries Management
Tern Colony Intern, Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game, MA
Conservation Educator, The Wilds, OH
Land Steward, Harwich Conservation Trust, MA
Fisheries Assistant, Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, ME
Husbandry Assistant, North Shore Humane Society, PA
Nursery Intern, KDH Whitetail Nursery, TX
Leopard Slug Research Project Manager, Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies, MA
Environmental Technician, Brookfield Renewable Energy, ME
Crew Leader, Bryant Pond 4-H Camp and Learning Center, ME
Intern, Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge, FL
Fawn Nursery Technician, La Roca Range, TX
Avian Field Technician, University of Illinois, IL
Wildlife Refuge Intern, Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, NV
Wildlife Care Intern, Drumlin Farm, Mass Audubon, MA
Wildlife Technician, Utah State University, UT
Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Animal Husbandry Intern, The Riverhead Foundation of Marine Research, NY
Black Bear Study Capture Team, Unity College, ME
Wildlife Rehabilitation and Research Intern, Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage, South Africa
Natural Resource Management Intern, Geauga Park District, OH
Animal Keeper, Middlesex County/Parks and Recreation, NJ
Intern, Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge, NH
Intern, Wildlife Horse Sanctuary, CA
Mammal Department Volunteer, Miami Zoo, FL
Veterinary Assistant, Delta Veterinary Service, AK

Wildlife Conservation
Wildlife Ecology Intern, The Great Basin Institute, NV
Wilderness Conservation Intern, White Mountains National Forest Service, NH

Update From Ethan at Mass- Wildllife

Ethan just sent me these beautiful photos from his internship with Mass- Wildlife.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Great Basin Institute Wk 4

Hello all,

This week went really well. I switched from doing trail work, to doing noxious weed removal. The main weeds that were targeted were the perennial pepperweed, musk thistle, scotch thistle, and hoary cress. We worked all around Reno within many of the local public parks using spray packs.
The spray packs contain a chemical called 2 4-D which we mix with an activator (this helps keep the chemical on the plant) and a blue dye which is an indicator of which plants have been sprayed. A lot of the spraying happens early in the morning because the wind in Reno usually picks up every day just after lunch preventing us from spraying. Once this happens we will move to a new park and start digging up thistles since they have a tap root and are easier to dig.

Thanks for reading,


Fourth week, visitor education and a special rescue

6/20, 6/21

I started doing visitor education this week. After cleanings, feedings, and enrichment is finished in the morning I went out with my friend Laura to talk about Barred owls and Red-Tailed hawks. I had spent the previous day reading up on barred owls, learning the main facts about them and how to differentiate bird types using feathers. 

                We went out with wings, feathers, owl pellets, replica skulls, and a bunch of other cool related objects. I tried my best to make it interesting and fun for every age level. Younger kids really enjoyed touching the feathers and comparing the super soft owl feather to the very coarse turkey feather. Older kids asked a lot of questions about anatomy and history, and adults sat back and just absorbed the information they heard. Everyone learned something which made me feel accomplished. The table was set up between the barred owl and red-tail cages so visitors could visually compare the artifacts to their respective animals!

                I also started handling raptors this week. The entire process from putting the glove on to putting the bird in its bird box was explained. I started with one of the smallest raptors around here, an eastern screech owl! It was a lot of fun even though I made a few mistakes. I really hope to get good at handling so I can start doing visitor education with them. That’s definitely a huge part of this internship that I’m looking forward to. 

               As a side note, I had an interesting experience this sunday. On my way home from Maine I drove down a main street near my house and saw a poof of feathers flapping around on the ground. My father pulled up in front of it and I used a brown reusable bag to pick it up. Turns out it was an eastern screech owl that had been hit by a car. I put it in a makeshift birdbox overnight and brought him to Tufts Wildlife vet clinic in North Grafton, MA the next morning. Luckily enough he had no fractures or broken bones, just head trauma and eye inflammation. It was really strange though, considering I had picked up a screech owl for the first time in my life a few days before.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Howdy yall,
There has not been a lot of new things happening for me. I have been adding old data into the electronic database. Starting next Tuesday I will be starting on the accreditation process for the forensic lab. This summer has been very busy. I have somehow managed to fit 4 jobs into my schedule. Including my internship I work 9 to 5 everyday of the week and more then that on some days. I can't wait for the forensic conference coming up in august. The summer has been busy so far but productive.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Supervisors Appreciate Intern's Good Work

"I'm not sure exactly how often you'd like an update on Brett's status, but I did want to send a quick email to let you know that Brett is the best intern we have ever had! We are so grateful to have him here, as he has helped out with many different projects over the short time he has been with us. He is eager to work and does his work thoroughly and efficiently. Everyone here is extremely impressed by his work ethic and also his easy-going and friendly personality."

Digging Into Her Field

Just received some great photos from Environmental Science major Tasha Watson '14. She is completing her internship with Highlanders Garden in Maine.

What's the Best Part Of Being A Unity College Intern?

This is considered professional development. Meet Jes Letellier '15, Adventure Therapy major interning as an Adaptive Whitewater Guide for SPLORE in Wild Utah. SPLORE has been providing outdoor adventures for people of varied abilities since 1977. Activities are open to people of any age and ability. Jes' recent update said "I am excited and have been meeting wonderful people and making wonderful friends." Keep posted for more updates.