Sunday, December 17, 2017

GC week 16

This past week we had our holiday party, there were awards given out to the different sections of Green Chimneys.  I got to met others from these areas and exchanged names, there was food and drinks, as well as dancing overall very fun. Today I went on a trip with some of the younger kids, we went to a nutcracker play/ performance.  We had no problems and the kids seemed to brighten at the idea of doing it themselves.  Overall it was a very good week.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

GC week 15

This past week we helped to kids through the deaths of the two farm animals, some kids heard and they were good, others heard and couldn't deal with the news.  The other day one child asked "do you work with corkscrew", I responded "who?" The child said "Quirky, I call him corkscrew, how is he?"
I was then stuck in a situation the horse quirky had gone back to his original owners farm, because he wasn't doing well here (that happened a month or two ago).  I don't think the kid knew this even though we announced it, So I said "hes doing well, but I don't work with him".  He muttered "ok"  and that pretty much described the rest of my week.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

GC week 14

This pass week we put down two animals Otis the goat and Sophie the sheep, I got to experience it first hand.  When the kids ask we tell them they were old and they passed away during the night, some kids know what we do and tell us that they know, we then can confirm it or if we feel the child could go into crisis hearing about it, then we will turn it around.