Friday, August 9, 2013


Howdy Yall,
This week has been very busy. The International Association for Identification conference was very exciting. Sunday through Tuesday I worked at the On-Site Registration booth. I got to meet a lot of new people. Wednesday through Friday I was an Intern Runner. I brought the class sign in sheets to the workshops and counted the people who attended the lectures. During the week I was allowed to sit in on any of the workshops or lectures that I thought were interesting. I learned a lot of how and why evidence is collected and also the best method for collection. I also learned a lot about Crime Scene reconstruction and the different types of experts that you could call in for advice.

There was also an exhibition hall set up with company's from all over with the different types of tools that can be used in forensic science. The improvement over the past 5 years is huge. There was Stuff there for in Lab and in the field, ranging from supplies for fingerprint analysis to bloodstain patterning to scene reconstruction kits. It was amazing to see all the up and coming stuff.