Friday, March 9, 2012

Holt Scholarship Information- Proposals Due 3/29

Please note the Holt Challenge Scholarship has been re-opened for a second round of proposals.

Call for Proposals: Nicholas Holt Challenge Scholarship Fund

In 2010, Unity College became home to the Nicholas Holt Challenge Scholarship Fund, a gift made possible by the Holt family in collaboration with the Maine Community Foundation.Unity College was a major interest in Nick Holt’s life since 1973; he spent more than twenty years working toward accreditation of its strong environmental teaching program. Nick was an architect, family man, befriender of strangers, Army veteran and marcher on Washington, gunkholer and sailor, and a lover of color, trees and light. His family is pleased to honor his passion and commitment to Unity with this scholarship fund. The purpose of Nick’s Fund is to support juniors and seniors in challenging, experiential learning projects that are self-initiated, curriculum-based and approved by an academic advisor.

Challenge is paramount to the Fund’s goal because Nick delighted in challenging himself and others to attempt the impossible, to say “I think I can.” Recipients of this scholarship in Nick’s memory will share the thrill of pushing their personal and educational boundaries and their projects must reflect this spirit.
Approximately $10,000 will be distributed annually through this fund. There is no minimum or maximum award amount and no pre-determined number of awards to be made annually. However, the fund is typically divided among 2-3 scholarship recipients per year. This intent is to make otherwise impossible projects possible and to cover the full expenses of selected projects.

The Unity College Environmental Stewardship (general education) curriculum, required for all students irrespective of major, includes a culminating experience at the 3000or 4000 level to be worth at least three credits.

Students have five options for completing this requirement:
1. Seminar
2. Internship
3. Independent study
4. Thesis
5. Academic field experience

The latter four, all directly-driven by student initiative, are the endeavors eligible for support from this program.
Therefore, each semester, eligible students will have the opportunity to apply for funding to support their internship, independent study, thesis, or academic field experience, in accordance with the application process below.

Applying for the Holt Challenge Scholarship
Eligible students
Only full-time Unity College students who:
1. are in good academic standing
2. receive need-based financial aid
3. will be juniors or seniors at the time of their proposed project are eligible.

Eligible projects
Only projects eligible for consideration are ones that will:
1. Serve as an internship
2. Independent study
3. Thesis
4. Academic field experience in fulfillment of the Unity College Environmental Stewardship curriculum

The application and decision process are timed in relation to preregistration each semester because these are credit-bearing projects for which students must register. Award specifications from the donors and a later preregistration period during spring 2012 make it possible for the Review Team to accept an extra round of proposals for this semester only. Please, see the timeline below for deadlines. Also note that an informational session for interested students will be held on Tuesday, March 27 at 11 a.m. with a location to be announced.
For projects during

Proposal Must Include:
1. Forms necessary for:
a. an internship (Internship Agreement Form and job description)
b. independent study (Independent Study Proposal Form)
Modified 1/25/12
c. thesis (Thesis Proposal Form)
d. academic field experience (program description).
2. A completed Holt Challenge Scholarship Proposal Essays (see attachment).
3. A detailed budget developed in the Holt Challenge Scholarship budget form (see attachment). Common expenses will be for travel, materials, access to necessary resources, etc. Tuition for credits in excess of three (i.e. the fourth credit and beyond) may be included.
4. A current resume.
5. A letter of support from an appropriate academic advisor, for instance, a thesis advisor or internship faculty sponsors.
Evaluation Criteria (ranked in order of importance, with most influential criteria at the top)

The strongest proposals will:
1. Demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence by describing a well-planned learning experience clearly intended to challenge the student to master new knowledge and skills.
2. Present a project that is distinctive and that bears a meaningful relationship to the student’s post-graduation career and service aspirations.
3. Describe a growth and learning experience unlikely to be available to the applicant without the support of this fellowship.
4. Demonstrate a commitment to service by identifying the benefit to others, besides the student, that will result from the project.
5. Be from students with a strong record of productive involvement in Unity College.

Review Team and Process
The review team is appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. It is comprised of:
1. Two members of the faculty
2. One past Holt Challenge Scholarship recipient
3. Internship Coordinator/Career Consultant or designee
4. Dean for Students Affairs or designee
5. Community-Based Learning Coordinator or designee
The team receives the materials and reviews them according to the criteria. If it wishes, it may request a meeting with a finalist(s) to discuss and clarify his/her proposal, budget, etc. The team makes a recommendation to the Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs and Advancement, who together will determine the final recipient(s). Award recipients will be asked to complete a presentation on campus after completing the experience.
Spring 2012 PROPOSALS DUE: 12:00 Noon Thursday 29 March 2012
Submit proposals electronically to Stacey Hachey at Upon verification of eligibility and a completed proposal, the proposal will be forwarded to the review team