Thursday, July 17, 2008

Don't mess with Texas

This summer is flying by. I have had many crazy adventures that are so full of detail that I couldn't possibly write them all here. I may not like research but I do enjoy doing field work. Most of my time has been spent collecting data and samples on various rivers and streams throughout the state of Texas. Through my experiences I have learned not to mess with Texas. My most memorable trip so far was about 2 weeks ago. We left for Big Sandy Creek in the Big Thicket Preserve on a thursday and we were supposed to be back at SHSU by evening on friday for 4th of July celebrations. Unfortunately our creek turned into an endurance test that I think even a few Marines would have difficulty with. The two day trip ended up being 4 days and 3 nights with little food, chlorinated river water, and badly bashed bodies. We paddled our canoes full of gear about 20% of the time and had to lift, pull, or push the canoes the other 80%. Downed trees were everywhere and the water was too murky to see all of the limbs in the water. We ran into venomous snakes, giant spiders, fell on bald cypress knees, got eaten by bugs, cut open our hands, arms, and legs, sprained ankles, and had the time of our lives. The trip was a true self-esteem boost. I felt like on of Charlie's Angels when we made it to our take out 2 days late. It was awesome. Just remember that if you bite Texas, it'll bite back. Enjoy the rest of summer.

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Nicole Collins said...

And I thought the Maine Black Flies were bad.