Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Email Update from Bryan Lane who is Interning in Big Sur State Park, CA

Hey Nicole,
I hope everything is going good for you. I'm having a great time out here in Big Sur CA. I got my internship started back on May 18th and finally finished it the end of last week. I have to say I am so lucky I got the opportunity to come out to CA and work for the state parks. I started my internship off with a lot of trainings and a lot of hours being worked. After the first couple weeks or so I'm getting the hang of everything and started to explore the area more, some of the pictures explain this. I have to say my supervisor out here Ranger Rich Levin is so nice. If there was or still is anything I needed; Rich would help me get it. Along with all the trainings I have met so many wonderful people. Everyone out here has open arms to me and it has really made me feel at home. Now with my internship completed I am working for the parks and actually getting paid, which is going to be a change. But now no sooner that I get paid; everyone and I was evacuated from Limekiln SP because of forest fires in the area. I have had some great adventurers out here in CA, but something tells me I still can't wait to get back to Unity and see some familiar faces. So with all of this I'm safe and sound waiting out the fires and will be returning to the east coast in early August. Also I hope these pictures and possible my summer internship will help inspire more students to go out and try new things. I will be in touch again.

Bryan Lane, Internship with California State Parks

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Nicole Collins said...

Bryan, I love that you are wearing a Unity polo. We're proud to have you representing Unity College in the West Coast. Sorry to hear about the fires, Bummer. Do you have your Red Card, maybe you could get pulled into to some of those fires.