Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today is May 11th 2009. It's my first day at the maine wildlife park. I started at 11:00 this morning and I will be working until 4:00PM. I was shown around the park, and at all the different animal exhibits they have here. I was also shown the ideal location of the 5 new enclosures they hope to build (with my help) this summer. I was given a list of animals that need new enclosures which include; skunks, a fisher, raccoons, opossums and woodchucks. For the first couple weeks my job is to go out on the computer and find different ideas, and habitat needs for these different sorts of animals. I am also required to call different zoos, and ask them about animals they have similiar to these, and of their habitats. After the first few weeks, I will hopefully get started on some of the construction of the new exhibits. And come up with drawings and ideas for all the the "furniture" inside the exhibits. As well as what I have listed above, I will also be helping with enrichment for the animals here (mountain lions, lynx, fox etc) so I'm excited about that. I will also be helping with some food prep, and hopefully get to have some hands on time with animals in the park, if all goes well. I made up my own schedule and gave it to my "boss" today. The plan is that I am working every mon, wed, and fri 11-4 for the first two weeks. This will put me at 30 hours after the first two weeks. Then starting the 25th of May I will be working mon 11-4. Wed 11-6 and friday 11-4. which will put me at 17 hours per week. Which means by July 24th 2009 I will have a total of 183 hours, and July 24th 2009 (friday) will be my last day interning at the Maine Wildlife Park. I learned right away that I should have brought my camera today, the park has already recieved an owl and another bird this morning, and it would have been great if I could have gotten some pictures. I will deffinitly have to bring one on Wed. Also all the animals were up and outside this morning, and it would have been great if I could have gotten some shots of them. Hopefully I will get some on Wed.

Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon, and I hope that this e-mail met all the requirements it's supposed to for my internship. Keep in touch!
- Lindsay

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