Saturday, June 20, 2009

Staff Training at Camp Farley

I have just arrived at Camp Farley and I am excited. I will be the new ropes instructor so I think I am ready for more responsibilities and I cannot wait until the kids arrive! The staff here are friendly and amazing and I hope to have a great summer with them. I have not really done much as of now. The rest of the staff will arrive tomorrow and the training will start tomorrow. The camp was extremely nice and let me bring my bunny so I am grateful to have him here with me! The camp itself is small, but that's where we come in! The surroundings are beautiful and what is even better, the kids have the opportunity to swim in a lake!! It is very clear and warm so I hope that they will enjoy that. I have my past experiences from my last camp job so I am ready. I will have the utmost patience and kindness and I will try to provide them with a postive learning environment that will stimulate self-confidence and courage. I guess I will be writing a post every week so stay tuned!

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