Monday, July 20, 2009

July is Really Flying By

Well I didn't get a chance to post yesterday like I was going to, but the reptile weekend at the zoo was a lot of fun. Rainforest Reptiles brought a bunch of awesome creatures. Besides the albino alligator they brought a yellow anaconda, a 15 ft Burmese python, a Gaboon viper, cobras, rattlesnakes, a gila monster, and so much more. It was really neat.

I have been very busy everyday at the zoo with my shows. Today I did three shows. It can get pretty exhausting, especially when you're standing out in the sun for the presentation, which can last anywhere from 20-30 minutes usually, with an animal who is not happy about being out there in the heat in front of a bunch of people.

Here is a picture of me doing a presentation with Jasper.

Well working at a zoo definitely has its up and downs. Dealing with your co-workers everyday is one thing. Another is dealing with death everyday. Today I was opening an area of our zoo and found our Himalayan rabbit was dead. That was sad. But there are always rewarding things that happen everyday as well. Zephyr, the other hawk I started working with is doing great coming to my hand for food. Also I am raising a baby bird right now. I believe it is a sparrow chick, but he just got his tiny little flight feathers on his wings and he is starting to fly around a little bit. Once he is fully weened and can fly, I will be releasing him back into the wild.

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