Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Hunting Dogs

Two characters I have yet to introduce are Fee and Angie. They are two hardworking gals that have a diverse range of skills and always accompany us to the woods. They are our two mainstay hunting dogs belonging to hunter Julias and my boss, Jagdpaechter Dieter Brecht. The dark brown is a Deutscher Drahthaar – a dog specifically bred for hunting with a very good reputation and the other white and brown one is Julias’s and I believe it is mostly Springer Spaniel.

Both are well trained and very friendly. They are mostly used to track injured animals but also prove their worth for bird and rabbit hunting. One of the pictures I have included is Julias with Angie inspecting a field for game damage. Angie and Feh are particularly helpful in this because their keen noses help them pickup game trails that are often hard for us to see and these often lead to areas of crop that has been eaten by wild boar or sometimes reh deer.

We’ve had a very warm humid few weeks here lately and the corn has grown and sprouted surprisingly fast. The cost of the Wildschaden- game damage to the crops is adding up as more and more crops are starting to fruit drawing the animals out of the forest to easier feed.
I already have my work cut out for me for next week as I have a crop field of my own to fence in. With all honesty I am not overly excited for the rather tedious work but I have little experience laying fence and I’m sure it will be a useful experience. Either way it needs to be done.
Have a good one Unity!