Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week 4

This week had to have been the best week yet! My cabin was so amazing and we got along famously!Every single girl in my cabin got along well, better than well. I had no problems whatsoever with my cabin and we even performed in the weekly talent show, which was such a fun time. I allowed myself to be open and honest with my campers about my own life and they responded well. We talked about each other's home life and I felt so bad for one of my campers in particular. Her home life was pretty bad, but she has turned out to be such an awesome person. That's one thing I took away from this week; no matter your obstacles you decide what type of person that you want to be. By blaming all of your problems on external sources, you are only amplifiying the sadness in your life and never gaining any peace. I will miss my campers deeply and hope that this week is a good one.

I had a tough tim during ropes this week. A few of the girls in my group decided to join ropes only to be with a boy. When that boy dropped out of ropes they continually disrupted the games. They ruined a few games for all of my other willing campers and felt no remorse for it. Now that I think about it I should have removed them from the games until they were ready to participate, but I kept holding on. Sometimes I become so determined that I lose sight of how my actions may be affecting the people around me. That would be a learning to take away from this week. Sometimes everything is telling you to let go, but your stubborness won't allow you to. I hope to apply this to my futre groups and my own life as well.

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