Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer is coming to an end

It has been very hot here the past few days. It's really tough doing animal presentations in the direct sunlight, especially while holding a stinky sweaty skunk at the same time. Well, all I know is that no matter how tough some days at the zoo can be and no matter how annoying some zoo guests can get as well, the second I leave to go back to school I am going to want to go back to the zoo. ZooQuarium is like my second home during the summer and this year I have grown very attached to Jasper the hawk as well. I wish I could take him to Maine with me. I know that leaving Jasper is going to be the hardest thing I have done in a long time. If it wasn't for leaving him I would be very excited to go back to school, but right now I am not looking forward to saying goodbye. At least I will be working with him all the way up to the day before I move in.

Doing animal presentations with Jasper is one of the best feelings in the world. He trusts me completely now, and even knows when it's time to go do a show. We have such a bond, and I really hope that when I go back to ZooQuarium he will remember me and that our trusting relationship does not go away.

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