Monday, June 21, 2010

not busy but at least its fun

This season hasn't been overly busy when it comes to forestry stuff, but we have received some interesting calls for downed trees or in the case of this afternoon a shelter fire.
At lunch the phone rang in the shop, my boss picked up then motioned to me not to leave yet for the afternoon, all i could think was what customer i talked to and may have upset or did i cut someone off and not realize it. She got off the phone and told me to grab a bladder bag and Pulaski then head over to naugatuck state forest to check on a report that a shelter was smoldering and possibly spread to the forest around it. When i entered the forest along a logging road i opened my window to better see and smell for the fire wherever it was in the forest, i found it very quickly from the large amount of smoke and wilted leaves around the location. As soon as i got to the spot and took a look at what was going on i realized my one tool and 5 gallons of water wouldn't cut it for this job reinforcements and 20 more gallons of water were brought over to assist. the more we dug the more we realized how deep into the ground this fire had gone and how far out along the ground it had gone as well. after 3 hours of digging and dumping on water the fire was proclaimed out. while digging the tops to fuel cans and a potential fuel can were found in the fire making this a case of arson, thankfully for this area today was not a high fire danger day. If the fire had spread in the direction it had been headed some large slash piles and a creek would have been effected, this plot of land has been managed under a selective cut policy leaving some slash for the benefit of wildlife and firewood cutters. if this had gone up this fire could have reached several hundred acre very quickly. Prior to getting this fire call i had been removing some dead white pine and spruce trees behind the shop at wharton brook making the workplace just a little bit safer. The bucket truck should be coming to the unit in about 2 weeks so i should be picking up the posts and piling up the hours!!

untill then be safe and "get your smokey on"

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