Sunday, August 15, 2010

Heading towards my last week in the field

This last shift was a good change for me, thus far for the entire summer I have been working in the teenage groups, Second Nature on the other hand has adult groups as well.
the cards have just not landed right in terms of staffing needs for me to get out of the rut that i was in working with the kids. That is in till last week. I was delighted to walk into the office for the start of my last shift to find that not only was i working with the adults, but i was working with two staff members that i had worked with before and had helped me with my leadership development. Needless to say i knew that it was going to be a good week out in the woods.
There are two huge differences between the adult and the teen age groups, for one they are all over eighteen and thus are their on their own accord as they are adults and can sign out when they want to, thus for the most part they are a little bit less of a challenge to work with. The second main difference in the groups is that they are coed, both male and female clients working and interacting together.
Needless to say the group dymanatic was very different. I truly enjoyed my week we hiked a lot around in the field area on the account that the adults do everything a little bit faster then the kids do, and thus we can spend more time doing cool stuff. we got a lot of games and other acavities in over all a very productive week int he woods.
as it was my second to last shift out there this summer one of the senior staff took the time to take me aside and chat with me about my development over the summer and started to ask if i planed to come back, as of right now i told him that it was indeed the plan. That in fact is something that is very new to me, I move around a lot and i like it that way. I have never finished a seasonal job and not wanted to move on to something else new and exciting.
It is a calming feeling to have knowing that I have a solid good paying job in my field waiting for me when i leave college. That sort of thing dosen't come around every day.

As I make my preperations to go back into the woods for my last and final week I find my head spinning with all of the things that i still need to do to make sure all is done in time for my road trip back to maine. The biggest thing that is still left on my plate is wrapping up and putting together my internship project for school, in its current state im sure that it does not make sure to any one but me, that is to say it is scattered in small hunks of research all over my lap top, snagged and saved when i had a few hours here and there over the summer in my off shift and such, i had not realized that I had so much research in till it came time to put it all together and I releaized that it would be way too large of a doccument to be pratical for Second Nature to use. My task in the next two days and one day next week is to dumb it all down and get into one document sounds like fun right!?!?
wish me luck
I will post again next week on my last shift and how this summer has related to my internship goals

cheers all

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