Monday, August 2, 2010

summer is flying by

I have two shifts left out here with second nature before the Summer is over for me and its a mad dash from st george utah to unity maine in time for school to start.
this last shift was a bit different then all of the others that i have worked thus far for the program.
for the first half of the week i was spending all of my time working in the " front country " this means that while i am a field staff for second nature this week i was an extra hand that went where ever it was needed for any aspect of the company that was not int he field.
I have to admit that at first i thought that this would be a bit of a nightmare, after all i work int he desert for a reason, and thus i really did not want to work in the office.
It turns out that it wasn't really that bad at all, and in fact i got to go back into the field as staff on Saturday due to a sudden increase in students and a decrease in staff that were in the field.
tuesday through saturday i stayed out of trouble.
on tuesday i spent a good part of the day cleaning up after the weekly staff change and inservice meeting, then I got ot unload the truck that was bring in all of the winter jackets for the company ... three months early... when it was a hundred and ten out side... regardless it had to be done, and jackets had to be packed and sorted. after that i spent some time working on the paper work end of my internship project in terms of finishing up my research and starting to produce my final product in the for of a staff resource manual. before i know it, the time had come for me to run out on a transport to the field, this means that the program got a new student and he got escorted to the field by transport staff and introduced to his field staff by us. that basically took up the rest of the day.
weds looked like something that i was more used to. Med visits to the field. I went along with the program nurse to visit some of the clients in the field as her helper in her regular visits to check in on the health of the clients. since medicine is my second passion I was glad to get the chance to tag along even if the only thing i got to do for the day was take vitals. That however is fine with me on the account that the Nurse is good company and I learned a lot about the process. I ended my day by changing a flat tire on one of the work trucks on a very rough 4X4 trail thanks to a sweet nail that had blown it out .
Thursday looked like me spending the morning cleaning stoves and getting them back to working order to send back out into the field. long hard work but it payed off as i was able to get most of them back to working order. Then it was off to order the parts needed to fix the remainder of the stoves and get them in working order. another part of the day was spent chatting with the field directors about the different aspects of their job and learning all about the behind the scenes of aspect of second nature. I finished up the day doing Data entry into excel about training elvals creating a digital data base to replace their paper copies.
Friday was a long day and i spent all of it providing back up support for the field staff, this looks like packing out the food and supplies as well as water into pick up trucks for delivery to the field. I then spent the entire rest of the day delivering said supplies to the eight groups spread over out field area.
Saturday was back into the field for me and while that was a relief it was very good to change things up and see the aspect of the company that gets taken for granted by the field staff
cheers for now

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