Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello from Joburg

So finally after two days of delays due to the storm we had in the southeast Thursday night, I have finally arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa (often times called “Joburg”). Although I just landed from a 15 hour plane ride, I still have a 12 hour wait here in OR Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg Airport). I’ve found the place I’ll be spending the night (it’s 6:00 pm here and 12:00 pm back at home)… it’s an “Aircraft Viewing Platform” of the international departures and it’s out of the way of the rest of the airport. A bit of advice…. if you ever have to spend the night in an airport, take some time wandering around to find the best spot. You want to be in a place where there won’t be much people traffic, so as to avoid giving anyone the temptation to steal from you while you are sleeping (it most definitely happens!) Anyways, after my 12 hour wait here I have a flight from Joburg to Windhoek, Namibia where I will be picked up by the CCF. I don’t know if I’ll have internet access, but if I do I will make sure to post another update. Until then…..



Jordan said...

Safe travels Eli!

Kelly Barber said...

Best of luck Eli! I am so glad you're working with cheetahs this summer!!!! Congratulations on working with the top! That's amazing!!!! Best wishes and have a great summer. Make the most of it, as you said =)