Monday, May 16, 2011

Pet Orphans Internship

Hello to all!

The internship has started and it's going extremely well. I'm working with another student in this internship, Tony LeonGuerrero, ad we are having a blast. Our boss, Linda, has allowed us to work in different departments of the rescue. I lean more towards the medical aspects and he leans more on the training aspects.

The jobs that I get to perform is general cleaning of the isolation kennels and catteries as well as feeding, medicating and socializing. I deal with dogs that have kennel cough, diarrhea, parvo, and one girl with a distended vagina (a common thing after getting spayed). The puppy with parvo is doing a lot better and is very energetic and adorable. Besides working with the dogs I work with the isolated cats too. Ideal with cats that have trick (a disease dealing with the anus and bowel movements), upper respiratory infections and unadoptable behaviors.

While doing these jobs I've learned quite a lot about the medical world. I finally learned how to give a cat a pill successfully. Big step for me. I was also able to pet animals that before wouldn't let me near them. Big step for them. I also took some initiative today and went to a workshop to become a dog counselor. That means I'll be working with the public to match up possible adopters with good dogs. And match the dogs with good homes.

Hopefully the internship stays this exciting!


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Jordan said...

Sounds like you're going to be trying out a lot of new techniques and gaining a lot of skills to take back with you. Props with going to the workshop and getting involved with the community!