Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Week Number One: Off to a great start!

Hey there hi there ho there!

I have just finished my first week here at Wildtracks, the manatee and primate rehabilitation center in Sarteneja, Belize. There is currently one manatee at the center, a calf named Twiglet "twiggy, twigs, twigatron (okay that last one is just me but I think it will catch on)" who is roughly 350 pounds. Being a manatee care intern, she is my super awesome assignment. I am responsible for letting her out into the lagoon and staying with her for two three hour shifts; one in the early morning and another in the afternoon. I also prepare and bottle feed her a formula at the end of both shifts. She is currently in the process of being weaned, so it's important that she's feeding on sea grass as we lessen the amount of formula given to her. Aside from Twiggy there is also a lot of cleaning to be done! Dishes galore!

As I'm sure you all know, manatees are quite vicious animals; dangerous creatures that stalk you in the night with their razor sharp teeth! Of course this is a lie, but Twiggy does like to try and eat my shorts and shoes; a delicacy I'm sure. She did try to swim between my legs when I wasn't expecting it though, and I was in fact taken down from behind the knees :)

This week I will be starting some data entry in relation to Twiggy's feedings; the center has fallen pretty far behind so I've got some catching up to do!

Until I type again!


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