Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dead Shad Smell Delicious

After being here a few weeks, I’ve finally gotten used to how things work around here; also the smell of dead fish. Okay, it’s not that bad…but when you do run into them it’s pretty gross. Countless numbers of American Shad spawn in the Delaware River and then die. Their eggs live on, but the adults can be seen floating dead in the water, washed up on shore, or floating helplessly around in circles refusing to “follow the light”.

On a happier note, I had the opportunity to take part in the Delaware River Sojourn on Sunday. It’s basically a week of canoeing, kayaking, camping and bonding on the entire Delaware River. Four other rangers and I paddled along with about 60 other people on the northern portion of the Delaware. It was nice to paddle up north because we don’t usually have the opportunity to do so. The Sojourn happens every year, so if you’re looking for a cheap vacation or getaway for next summer I definitely recommend it!

The usual kiosk and river patrols have been going on, along with more educational training every Wednesday at Promised Land State Park. I’ve decided to switch my educational program from nature at night to fishing. I’m going to design a program that will teach kids how to fish, along with basic fish identification skills.

Law Enforcement Ranger Ron and I

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