Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pet Orphans Adoptions and Medical Training

Finally got some stats on how many dogs and cats have found homes! Within the 2 months I've worked with Pet Orphans 16 new dogs came in and 1o dogs have gone home. Including Hopper, Cher, Sammy and Hardy. Hopper came into Pet Orphans with a shattered foreleg. He got a cast put on (which hurt a lot when you got hit by it) and was adopted even though he had the cast. Cher was an adorable papillon mix who came in pregnant and had puppies in the facility. Two of her four puppirs have already found homes. Sammy was a puppy who came into the rescue with Parvo. Parvo is a horrible virus that can be fatal to puppies and dogs. It attacks the digestive system and makes them very sick and not want to eat. He started on the

road to recovery and began looking really healthy. One of the reasons Parvo is so fatal is that the animal gets quarantined and can't get interected with. Pet Orphans has their quarantine and health procedures down to a tee! We were able to play with Sammy get his energy back up and he was adopted the day after he was let out of quarantine free of Parvo! Hardy was a pitbull mix that was given up by a family that moved to an ARMY base. The ARMY has a strict policy on the types od dogs one is allowed to own while living on the base. Pitbulls are not allowed to live there due to their "bad nature". But Hardy came to the rescue and was adopted out to a loving woman with a Pitbull mix of her own.

Pet Orphans also tends to cats. While there 10 new cats have come in and 7 cats have gone home. They include Smokey, Spot and Raja. Smokey was a russian blue that came there when I was volunteering before I started going to Unity. He finally went home! Not only did he go home but he went home with another cat from Pet Orphans. Spot was a black & white escape artist. He loved to try and get out of the cat house. Sweet cat too. Very much a people person. Raja was the most beautiful burmese. Very regal and majestic. He was out into quarantine for asymptomatic tritrichomonas foetus (a bacteria that causes diarrhea in cats). After treatment he was put up for adoption and swept out of there before the papers were done.

Recently we were dealing with a case of K9 distemper and a few cases of ringworm. Molly, the distemper dog sadly has passed away from the virus. The kittens with ringworm are doing well and are on their 4th or 5th week of treatment. They will hopefully be out with the general population of cats soon.

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