Friday, July 8, 2011

week 4 state capital internship

This week was pretty calm. I got my first draft of my op.ed. done. I am learning about writing this, and how my style is and what i need to do to change for talking to constituents and what words they like and the wording they look for when reading.
I also had a chance to talk to our legislative director and learn more about what he does and how he balances all his jobs. As well what it takes to get something done. One thing i found out is that you must really follow bills cafe fully and talk to everyone who is effect by this bill as it goes through the process. This is because u must talk to them before u emend so that can let you know how they feel. I also learned you have to learn how work with each member because they all have very different ways of handling legislation. It is also very important to remember you won’t be an expert on everything. So rely on the experts, often times they come to you, and want to share their knowledge. Use that and also use your Caucasus experts and annalist.

I also have been doing a lot reading. This week i have been going through and reading the water code. This is because i would like to become an expert in water in California and i have access to them, and the time to read them. The part i have read this week deals with funding and appointing the chairs to the state water committee.


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