Friday, July 15, 2011

Week 5 state capital internship

This week start with me writing an article that was not something I agreed with. I found it quite easy to do this. That was because when i have done debates in Nancy Ross classes I often took the side I didn't agree with. I feel this gave me the tools to be able to use my knowledge to write about it, and make sure it defended what people from my view would have said. I also had to do a lot more research then areas I agree with because i feel i was looking for facts more, and wanted to try and see if i could convince myself.

I also had to cover the front desk again this week. It is always interesting getting to talk to people, and be the first person to talk to people.

The rest of the week was quite slow this week. Which is OK it happens. I feel it will continue to be slow because it is now summer break for the California Legislators.


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