Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Week Two at Sparrow Arc Farm

The past week has been very busy since one of our workers left to canoe the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. The manager and I were very busy weeding summer carrots, planting a field of head lettuce, and preparing more land to be used in the coming weeks. We experienced a big set back with the amount of rain we've had in the Unity area the past week. When the rain was too heavy for outside work we took the weather as an advantage to do some greenhouse work.

               In the greenhouse we started our fall cabbage and kale crops for planting in our Burnham fields. We also plugged more shishito peppers, heirloom tomatoes, and heirloom Waldoboro turnips. I also worked on our weekly succession of brassicas and head lettuces that we seed throughout the season as well as seeding more baby leeks and scallions.
When the weather started clearing up I used the farm tractors to plow, harrow, and cultivate two fields in Unity and our new field in Burnham. I cultivated our brassica crops and potato fields to control weed pressure. The next day I took the New Holland to our Burnham field were I harrowed, when I had finished in Burnham I headed to Unity to plow and pick out big rocks in one of our fields with my co-worker Jaime. Once the fields were all prepped we  had a chance to put out a crop of popcorn, onions, and bush beans into one Unity field.

This week we harvested more cut lettuce, radishes, pac choi flowers, and chives. We were very excited to find that we had broccoli beginning to sprout!
At the start of this week we welcomed two new farm hands and one returning farm hand to Sparrow Arc. Hopefully we start to see some good weather in the near future.

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