Sunday, June 2, 2013

Great Basin Institute Internship Wk1

Hello All,

Sorry this post is coming a little late. There hasn't been much access to the internet the past two week but its finally is up an running.

I arrived in Reno, Nevada on Monday the 20th to start my internship. At 8am we took a 4 hour Weed Warrior course which introduced me to many of the invasive and noxious weeds that can be found within Nevada and how to control them. The next day we complete another 4 hours of Weed Warrior training where I earned a certificate. Then it was off to work.

My internship involves various different jobs over the course of six weeks. The first 3 weeks will be recreational trail work and the last 3 weeks will involve spraying and removing invasive and noxious weeds.

The Great Basin Institute (GBI) has partnered with the Bureau of Land Management in Eagle Lake, California. We drove 2 hours north of Reno to Dry Valley to camp out for 4 days. Here we are spending 3 weeks focusing on dirt bike trails and ATV trails.

The tools we have been using are the McCloud, Shovel, and Pick-Matic. The first week our group clear around 2 miles of trail and created an new trail which created a shortcut between two trails. Dry Valley is extremel barren but host an awesome amount of wildlife. We have seen pronghorn, mule deer, wild horses, coyote, and fox. I will attempt to get a map of the area as soon as possible.

During the weekend, GBI hosted all the groups this summer to attend a weekend trip to Mammoth. This was a great experience as I got to visit Devil's Post Pile, various hot springs, and an old abandoned  mining town called Bodie. There was also a blonde bear walking through our campsite in Mammoth!

I have many more pictures but have been having an issue with my camera. They will be posted as soon as I figure out the problem. I will be heading back to work where I'll camp out for 4 days. More posts are soon to follow.

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