Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Great Basin Institute Wk 4

Hello all,

This week went really well. I switched from doing trail work, to doing noxious weed removal. The main weeds that were targeted were the perennial pepperweed, musk thistle, scotch thistle, and hoary cress. We worked all around Reno within many of the local public parks using spray packs.
The spray packs contain a chemical called 2 4-D which we mix with an activator (this helps keep the chemical on the plant) and a blue dye which is an indicator of which plants have been sprayed. A lot of the spraying happens early in the morning because the wind in Reno usually picks up every day just after lunch preventing us from spraying. Once this happens we will move to a new park and start digging up thistles since they have a tap root and are easier to dig.

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