Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wild Baby Rescue, Week 3

This week at Wild Baby Rescue, many new animals came to the rescue center in need of our help. These new animals included skunks, bats, a couple new groundhogs and fawns, and many more rabbits. They were all welcomed and taken care of as soon as they arrived at the facility.

I am still in charge of taking care of the groundhogs, and the new groundhogs that just arrived are quite the temperamental ones. So much so that they can't be hand fed. They're also older than the baby groundhog I have been feeding for the past two weeks. A big event happened this week in that we were able to move one of our orphaned groundhogs, Boomer, into an outdoor enclosure. Here, he will be able to snack on vegetables growing in the enclosure and learn how to bury himself for protection. He demonstrated his skill in this area one day when it rained hard. When I went to bring his food out to him, he was nestled in one of the wooden boxes that were set up for him. He seems to have taken to his new home quite nicely, and he'll stay there until it's time to release him into the wild.

The raccoon that was rescued near my home in New Jersey is really quite adorable. We came up with the name "squish monster" for him, because for the first few days he was at the facility, he was vicious. However, he's calmed down a lot and has taken nicely to hand feeding. Soon, he will be ready to join his fellow baby raccoons, and eventually be released into the wild.

We were also tasked with releasing more baby rabbits. We have a lot more rabbits to raise, so releasing these rabbits at the right time will allow us more room to work with more animals

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