Monday, July 6, 2015

Wild Baby Rescue, Week 5

 This week at Wild Baby Rescue, some interesting things happened. the groundhog that I am raising, Skittles is now in a bigger cage, since she is about 3 times bigger than when I started feeding her. We are beginning to enrich most of our animals, including Skittles. Groundhogs are notorious for destroying gardens and eating all the herbs inside, so I found a basil plant, snipped a few leaves and gave them to her. She really seemed to enjoy the taste of basil. I also found a stick that was just the right size for her cage. Groundhogs need to be able to nibble on wood so that their teeth don't grow too much. Their teeth can grow up to 1/16 of an inch every week, so it's important for Skittles to be able to whittle down her teeth.

Another enrichment activity that we introduced this week was for the raccoons. Raccoons need to be able to clean themselves in water, so we gave them bowls of water in their cages for them to wash themselves off in. Considering that they like to bathe in their food bowls every time we give them food, it's probably a good idea that we give them something that isn't food for them to bathe in. This will help them keep clean and healthy when they're out in the wild.

More baby opossums arrived this week, as well as a beautiful Eastern Red Bat pup and a new fawn named Ollie


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