Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wild Baby Rescue, Week 6

This week at Wild Baby Rescue, More animals continue to be admitted into the facility. New bunnies, opossums, skunks, a fox, and a groundhog came into the facility this week. The two new opossums are very small and were covered in dirt. We were able to clean them off nicely and put them into the incubator to keep them warm. The groundhog is huge. He is probably the biggest and most temperamental groundhog I've ever seen. I probably won't be handling him just because of the sheer size and power of this animal. I'll stick to feeding Skittles, the baby chuckling instead.

Skittles is doing wonderfully. She is gaining lots of weight and is getting pretty big. She loves lettuce and basil, which I feed her every day. This is good enrichment for her, as she will need to be able to eat all these vegetables in the wild.

The opossums are also doing quite well. We give all of the older ones bowls of something we like to call "opossum chow". It consists of different baby foods, yogurt, formula and dry cat food. This combination of foods will give them the nutrition and protein they need to start eating solid food. Opossums are omnivores and need to be able to eat both plants and meat, so this kind of diet for them is perfect.


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