Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wild Baby Rescue, Week 7

This week at Wild Baby Rescue, not many new animals came in while I was there. However, an awesome addition to the facility is the porcupette, Puddles. She was brought in this week and has been a joy to have in the facility. She'll be here for a while, since porcupines usually nurse for 5 to 6 months. She makes adorable noises and is quite cute, but those quills can hurt, so we take precautions so that nobody gets hurt. Thick gloves are worn when handling her, and we use a thick blanket to hold her with. This will prevent the quills from sticking into anything or anyone.

Skittles, the groundhog that I am in charge of, is doing quite well. She is gaining so much weight that she doesn't like to be held anymore. She prefers that I feed her through the bars of her cage. I'm also feeding her different things so that she gets accustomed to things other than formula. This week, she got strawberries, basil, kale, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and cantaloupe. We also released the giant groundhog, Ivan this week. He came into the facility with a nose injury, but he was otherwise perfectly healthy. It wasn't long before he was released, and when he was released, he bounded off into the woods so fast that we couldn't get a picture of him.

We also put a trampoline in with the foxes. This will allow them to learn how to get into the air and catch food out of mid-air. They will need to do this when they are released into the wild.

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