Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wild Baby Rescue, Week 8

This week at Wild Baby Rescue,  we received many new animals to take care of. The most notable of which was 16 new baby opossums. All of these opossums were orphaned and were brought to the facility soon after being found without a mother. We'll do our best to take care of them and raise them. Hopefully we can release them without any issue once they are fully grown.

The baby groundhog that I am in charge of, Skittles, is growing up nicely. She is getting a little rambunctious for her cage, but she is still too small to go into an outside cage. We're waiting until she is a little bigger before she begins her new life in an outside cage. This week, I started her out on a new food: kale. She loves it, and kale is full of vitamins that will keep her healthy. She also loves to chew on peanuts. She doesn't eat the nuts inside, but they help her to whittle down her teeth, and she seems to enjoy them.

The other groundhog, Boomer, is getting quite large. He has been in an outside cage for a few weeks now, and we are getting ready to release him. It'll be a good feeling to see him bound off into the woods and start his new life in the wild. In the meantime, he is still as fun to watch as ever, and comes out of his little house to see me when I bring his food down to him.

Additionally, all of the raccoons that we have at the facility are now in outside cages. These cages are large and spacious with lots of things to climb on. This will help the raccoons figure out how to get around and climb trees. They need to be able to do this in order to escape predators. I was in charge of feeding them this week,, and they seem quite happy in their new homes. Hopefully, we should be able to release them soon.

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