Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wild baby rescue week 10: (August 4th)

As the summer progresses and the animals grow up, there are less and less events to report on at Wild Baby Rescue. The fawns have had their temporary ID tags removed, and they have moved into a larger pasture. They no longer go into the barn at night, and are only getting one bottle in the morning. They also get hay and sweet feed, in addition to anything they graze in their enclosure. A few of them have already lost their spots, and the rest of the fawns’ are quickly fading.  One of the groundhogs was released, as well as one of the squirrels.

The nursery is now home to a large amount of rabbits, pinky squirrels, and opossums. We also still have the young adult fox indoors for the time being. Once the kits in the outside enclosures are released, she will be moved to one of their enclosures until she is fully recovered from her injuries. An influx of baby squirrels is expected in the coming weeks. The youngest skunk (Esmeralda) has fully recovered from her pneumonia, and is no longer in an incubator. The opossums are growing quickly, and many of them are in their outdoor enclosures or will be moved soon.

On Monday, we attended a lecture on zoonotic diseases. We were taught how to properly sanitize and disinfect, protect ourselves for diseases, which animals carry which diseases, symptoms of each ailment, and how to treat them. Many diseases were covered, including rabies and Lyme. 

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