Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wild baby rescue week 11 (August 11th)

This was my final week here at Wild Baby Rescue, and it was almost as crazy as the first week! We had over 40 baby grey squirrels come in. Squirrels, in case anyone doesn’t know, have two breeding seasons, one in early summer and one in late summer. More than half of the new babies arrived as pinkies, with the oldest only being a couple weeks old. We also got in some more interesting animals- flying squirrels! There was one adult who had evidently been poisoned, as well as four pinkies. Seeing the webbing between their limbs even at this young age was very interesting. 

The fawns had their last bottles this week, and are now eating entirely on their own. Most of them have either lost their spots or are in the process of shedding them out. The foxes and skunks were planned for release in the coming week.

The baby opossums were all eating out of bowls and growing quickly; some of the older ones in their pre-release enclosures will be released in the coming weeks. Several rabbits were released, and now the nursery is filled to the brim with squirrels and opossums.

Thursday night was my last shift at the center, and it was very bittersweet. While I will not miss having to drive over an hour every day, I already miss getting to take care of all the animals. It was an outstanding experience- I learned more than I ever expected to, and had a wonderful time. I will miss the animals and my coworkers, and will never forget this internship. 

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