Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wild baby rescue week 9 (July 28)

This week was fairly uneventful- we got in a few pinky squirrels and bunnies, but that’s about it. All but the two youngest skunks have been weaned off of formula, and they are scheduled to be released next week. The younger two will be kept until this fall, when they will be released onto the property. One of the groundhogs was released, and the younger one was put in her outdoor enclosure. The foxes will also (hopefully) be released next week! The fawns are now only getting one bottle a day.

As one can imagine, there is a much lighter workload now that the animals are nearing release. Instead of hand feeding and cleaning incubators in the nursery, much of my time here is spent preparing food and enrichment, feeding the animals and cleaning enclosures. As more and more get released, we will be cleaning out the enclosures and organizing and storing all the bowls and enrichment items for next spring.

There has been a recent influx of baby rabbits, which all need to be carefully hand fed. In addition to the rabbits, we still have a large amount of opossums, one squirrel that’s almost ready to go outside, one skunk, and several pinky squirrels. 

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