Thursday, June 23, 2016

Unity College Heritage Barn : Week 4 (Georgia M.) June 13-17th

Growth and Learning !
This internship has been a truly amazing experience, I get to be very hands on and apply a wealth of knowledge that I have picked up through my time at Unity College. 

So far through this internship I have learned about containment strategies, pest control, animal transfers, maintaining health and safety records and so much more!And its all on the job learning so I always feel invigorated and challenged.

One special project this week was helping to shave the hair from some Angora rabbits! After we were done the rabbits were a bit cooler in the summer heat!

We also got to participate in a walk through with our schools IACUC committee (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) to make sure that the barn is doing everything possible to ensure animal welfare practicalities. We went through it all; from where we store chemicals, to hole in our fences. One of our committee members is head of the Captive Department Cheryl (pictured below)

This week the baby bunnies are a week old and growing fast! They are just adorable and really fun to watch squirm around. We have two Blue (a grey recessive coloration) and the other 6 are black (the dominant coloration). Our eggs are still incubating but they should be hatching in about 3 weeks and then we will have even more animals to take care of (I cant wait!). 

Until they arrive we will be helping to care for some chicks that will be going to the local food pantry as layer chicks. These little girls will only be with us for a few days then they will be off to forever homes! 

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