Thursday, June 23, 2016

Unity College Heritage Barn : Week 5 : June 20th-24th

And the Countdown Begins... 

At the end of this week I will have completed 144 hours of my 180 hour internship! That means I will only have 36 hours left to work, only 2 weeks of work at the Barn left. I will be living on campus for the rest of the summer however so that barn has not seen the last of me!

This week we said goodbye to a bucket of chicks that we had grown very fond off but they are happy with their new homes so we wish them the best of luck.

Our bunnies officially turned 2 weeks old this week and their eyes opened on Monday morning! One small black bunny keeps escaping the nest box to try to hang out with his mama; we are quick to catch his escape and return him to the rest of the litter.

One of our male goats Waldo was starting to challenge us more and more when we were transitioning him out to the pasture in the mornings to we started a new technique involving a spray bottle filled with water; reminiscent of how people deter cats. So far it works very well and is less traumatic for him then yelling at him or chasing him around. He is a big boy with big horns so its nice to be able to work with a well behaved goat then one who trys to use his horns on you! Other than the transfer times Waldo is a very sweet boy who just wants a lot of attention and snacks!

Our female herds of sheep and goats both have young lambs and kids that need more time socializing with humans so we have started sitting in the pens with them and letting them get more comfortable with us. At the beginning they stayed far away but now they are beginning to approach us but they are still a bit shy.

I am going to try to absorb everything I can from the barn before my time is up I will hate to leave this awesome job; there are only a few things in life that I want to wake up early for and the Unity College Barn has definitely made that list! I am even guilty of habitually arriving at work 30 or so minutes early because I am too excited for the day to start.

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