Thursday, July 14, 2016

Unity College Heritage Barn Week 6 (Georgia)

This week at the Unity College Heritage Barn the animals were full of wonder and excitement.
Many of our Incubated chicks left to go to new homes and we at the barn kept 6 young females to raise for our permanent group of layers. With each day we handle them more and more they have gotten less fearful of our presence.

The young rabbits are growing up and loving the enrichment that they are provided; especially hiding inside of the cardboard tubes; which are a nice snug spot for the growing rabbits to relax in. However, their mom Ziggy is getting a bit annoyed with being stepped on all the time. On a side note Maizy had two young babies this week! Both are a beautiful grey color!

Our two young female San Clemente goats left this week to head to their new home all the way in Alabama! They will be missed but we are hoping that they love their new home. Before they left we outfitted them with ear ID tags which was a really cool learning experience for us.

The pigs are enjoying the summer heat by rolling in their bath and grazing on all the great vegetation they can find in the pasture! However they are natural rooters and have dug holes everywhere ! This are ankle breakers that we have to fill in with dirt regularly but watching the pigs dig you can see how happy it makes them so its worth all the extra hard work.

For the past few weeks the whole campus has seemed to have a groundhog problem; which became a bit issue down at the barn because they were digging under the chicken fence allowing our hens to escape! Luckily the little rascals seemed to have decided to leave our farm alone and we filled in the holes for the time being allowing our chickens to remain safely inside the fence.

Only a week left of my internship experience and I don't want it to end! Luckily I am not going far so I plan to keep volunteering after my hours are up!

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