Friday, June 9, 2017

Week three of Theo's internship with Sustainable Princeton

The third week of my summer internship at Sustainable Princeton began with planning out the outreach portion of the bring your own bag (BYOB) campaign which at this point consists of two parts. The first part is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for the Princeton Merchant’s Association. I finished writing the FAQ this past Wednesday although it has yet to be published on the website. The FAQ includes answers to important questions such as what types of plastic film and bags should I recycle, where can I recycle plastic film and bags, what is plastic film, and numerous answers to whether or not a plastic film or bag can be recycled in a given situation.
The second part of this outreach campaign is the creation of a poster for the Municipality of Princeton, Sustainable Princeton, McCaffery’s Food Markets, and the Princeton Merchants Association. This is a poster that will be spread online and put up above each of the recycling drop off points. This poster points out that there is a BYOB recycling point near where the poster was posted and describes what can and cannot be recycled at the drop off point. The rough draft of this poster was finished today and was based off a poster with their permission.

Next week will most likely involve finalizing and distributing the above poster in addition to the possibility of creating another one that goes more in depth on what you can and can’t recycle at a BYOB drop off point.

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