Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Andy Heim internship with research experience for undergraduates (Huntsville, TX)

hey y'all I'm in Texas and I think the heat may be a little too much for me. We average between 95-100 degrees, and I'm in the part of Texas where there is humidity. Currently at Sam Houston State University I am working with my mentor on a research project involving the bullhead minnow and blackstripe topminnow. Fish are not necessarily my favorite, but this experience has given me a new appreciation for them. I have been here for nearly a month and I have learned that research is not for me. I am having fun and learning a lot, but teaching and doing research would not motivate me to skip to work everyday. However, things are going quite well and I will be sad to say goodbye. :)


Shilo said...

I'm having trouble with the heat down in Tennessee too, so I know how you feel. I'm a Maine tempurature girl all the way!! :) Hope you have an awesome rest of the summer!!!

J-Trav said...

Pssh it can't be that hot...stop your complaining and enjoy counting those inverts :)

Nicole Collins said...

Thanks for your honesty Andy. One of goals for internships are to help students understand areas of strengths and interest. Sounds ilke your area of interest in not in research. :)

Any thoughts on what aspect of Ecology you might be interested in?

Keep us posted.