Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rehabilitation Internship

So this summer i'm doing my second internship at Avian Haven in Freedom Maine. I did my first one at The Raptor Trust in New Jersey. That is where I found that I have a passion for wildlife rehabilitation and want to pursue my career in it. Obvisously being a Wildlife Care and Education major I wanted something to do with wildlife but I didnt know what until my internship last year. This summer I am furthering my education in Avian Rehabilitation at Avian Haven.

I've only been there for two weeks but I love every minute of it even if my days start at 8am and aren't over until 7ish. They are long days but they are completely worth it. Last year I got a taste of what my life will be like when I continue my career but this internship is actually showing me how intense and interesting it is going to be. I'm doing a lot more and getting more hands on experience.

So far i've helped tube a Red Tailed Hawk, held a Barred Owl, "Milk" a Great Blue Heron, change a dressing on a gosling and not to mention feed counts amounts of baby birds. Its only the start of the summer so I know i'll be doing a lot more and I can't wait!



Nicole Collins said...

Thanks Jill, If you would like to post some picture just email them to my unity account and we'll get them up. Great to hear about opportunities right down the road.

Nicole Collins said...
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Andy said...

Jilly!!! watch out for those neck licking woodpeckers, they are kind of creepy. get some sleep!

John Z said...

Hey Jill,
Nice job! I love reading your entries. Keep us posted.