Friday, May 8, 2009

The first few days

Hello everyone,
In case you do not know me, my name is Bethany and I am doing my internship at ZooQuarium on Cape Cod, MA. I am interning as an animal keeper and educator. This summer I am basically in charge of knowing how to take care of all the animals in the zoo and more. This is my 3rd summer working at ZooQuarium, but I am still learning a bunch of new things. For example, today I got to handle a squirrel which I have never done before. His name is Rocky and he is blind in at least one of his eyes and he has other issues as well because he was hit by a car when he was younger. I learned how to test the pH levels on salt water fish tanks, and fed our red fox Fleck for the first time as well. I also learned how to catch and handle alligators, and I did my first presentation with our skunk Lily. Soon I will be training some of our hawks. We have two red-tailed hawks and a broad-winged hawk. I am also working on some new enrichment ideas for some of the animals. Tomorrow I am going to make something for our opossum, Oscar. It will be something he can dig in, like a litter pan of dirt and sand with treats in it for him to find.
Hopefully the season will start to pick up down here on the Cape very soon and we get plenty of people in the zoo.
Well that is about all for now, I will be posting pictures soon.
Bethany Boucher

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