Saturday, May 9, 2009

Some pictures to share

Today I made something for Oscar our opossum for enrichment. I took a cat litter pan and filled it with mulch. In the mulch I placed an egg, two mice, some fruits and veggies, and some dry cat food. I woke him up when I placed it in his exhibit (which he wasn't too happy about) but he went over to smell it right away. He didn't really know what to do though. He was having trouble figuring out how to get to the food. Hopefully he will figure it our tonight.

One of the animals I am really excited about working with this summer and doing presentations with, is Lily the skunk. I really like skunks. I try and handle her everyday so she gets really used to me, and today I had my picture taken with her.

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Lois Ongley said...

I like skunks. When I was in high school we had pet skunks that had former lives in summer camps. If we stayed home sick, Mom used to bring Mouffie up and put her in the bed with us. She slept all day but was some company when Mom had to go work!