Thursday, July 30, 2009

Better Late than Never!

Hello, I’m Amber Behn and this is my internship blog. Amanda Smith, a fellow third year Unity College student, and myself did our internship for five weeks at a small wildlife rescue center called Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand, better known as WFFT. Our introduction day to the center was a startling realization that we were actually in Thailand and that we would really be experiencing the work involved in our potential career fields. It was when we were given a tour of the center and its facilities, the cultural shock truly settled in. Our bedrooms could be described as simple at best, including three beds, a cupboard, a cart, an overhead light and a fan. The walls in the adjoining bathroom weren’t connected to the ceiling, making it a wonderful home for all manner of salamanders, geckos, millipedes, ants, spiders and the occasional scorpion. There was no sink or mirror, simply a toilet that didn’t flush (making a bucket of water and scoop necessary to rid the contents of the toilet) and a shower head attached to the wall next to the toilet and bucket. However, after less than a week of hard work in average temperatures of 93 degrees Fahrenheit, you begin to long for any form of relaxation, even that which you find in the hard, lumpy bed and pillow, complete with mosquito netting. Especially after what transpired on just our fourth day at the center, I would’ve loved to have just given up and gone home, but ten thousand miles is a long way, and I still had weeks left to go. Stay tuned for what happens next!


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