Sunday, July 26, 2009

July is Almost Over

I can't believe it is almost August. Well the other day something very sad happened. My baby bird that I was raising died. He was doing so well and what happened was very sudden and traumatic. Our iguana, Sammy, who free roams our office, tipped over the bird's cage and the bird hit his head and died instantly. I was doing an animal presentation when it happened, but one of the other keepers heard a bang in the office and walked in to see what had happened. I was really mad at Sammy but he has a tendency of getting into trouble. I was so upset when I found out and I didn't know how I was going to get through the rest of the day, then I thought of who could cheer me up...Jasper. I immediately went to see Jasper and I spent some quality time with my favorite red-tailed hawk. Right away he brought a smile to my face and I felt much better. I can't even begin to explain the bond that Jasper and I have made in the past few months, but he has definitely been my biggest inspiration, and I am so glad I get to show him to all the guests at the zoo and inspire them by telling about his story. Jasper is the perfect example of the kind of animals I want to help for the rest of my life.

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