Monday, July 13, 2009

Hello Again from Thailand

Hello everyone! I am on my last two days of my internship at the Wildlife Rescue Center in Thailand. The day have just flown by. This week I switched over from the wildlife project to the elephant project. The work days aren't as long, but some of the work is a lot more labor intensive. The center has 6 elephants on site, 4 of them are owned by Mahouts, and the other two were bought by the center. The mahouts do a lot of the work for the elephants because they still belong to them, but the highlight of my week so far has definitely been the experience of giving one of the elephants a bath in the lake. It was scary at first, but then I just got used to being up on something that weighed 4+ tons. Tomorrow is our last working day, and we are scheduled to do pineapple picking for the elephants. Doesn't sound too terrible, right? Well, just factor in that it's usually around 100 degrees here and the pineapple plants just cut you to pieces when you touch them. But I'm excited, it's something I never thought I'd do before.
When I return home, plan to see plenty of pictures from me!

Amanda Smith

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