Monday, July 13, 2009

The second week of camp flew was rough at the beginning, but became smoother towards the end of the week. I had a lot of trouble helping my cabin work together because three of the girls were really close friends. The other two girls in my cabin felt left out at many times and I had to figure out something immediately. We did have a few explosions, but we were able to contain them with an ABUNDANCE of talking. By the middle of the week the girls were closer than before and they started to enjoy each other’s company. By the end all of them were inseparable and I was so happy that they were finally having fun. Two of my girls became really homesick, but after a few phone calls they decided to finish the week and they might even be back for another week this summer! This week was especially challenging for me because I am so quiet during first encounters as were these girls, so I had to step out of my comfort zone and get the ball rolling. It was great to talk and I liked engaging in different types of conversation with them. One night we talked for quite a while about a variety of things like Billy Mays, commercials, hiking, and animals. It turned out to be a great week and I am making plans for an even better week for my next campers. I will have a multitude of activities planned for them so that they are always active and interacting with each other.
This week ropes went well. This week the group connected on a better level than the previous group and I took many things into consideration when planning this week’s games. Even though they are kids I have to remember to choose a pace that fits their age. If it is too slow they will be bored and become distracted, if it is too fast they will not grasp the concept of our games altogether. I think that is the hardest part of ropes; receiving a new group every week and finding games that work. As opposed to sticking with the same group and constantly tailoring the program to their needs. I am learning new things every week and I hope the next week is filled with new learning’s and dare I say more challenges.

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