Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crunch Time!

Yesterday was a very sobering experience for the volunteers at the center. The manager of the center, Simon, called a meeting and announced that two of the volunteers, Sam and Alisdair, were getting kicked out. WFFT relies heavily on the performance of its volunteers. Therefore, rules on drunkenness and noise level at night are extremely important for the welfare of the animals. Apparently, Sam and Alisdair had been spoken to on many separate occasions about staying sober and quite after 10pm. However, that still did not soften the shock of Simon’s announcement. With only 18 volunteers, we weren’t all friends, but we all knew each other fairly well. The center was also scheduled to lose a few volunteers by the end of the week, bringing our numbers dangerously low. Unfortunately, Simon didn’t predict that expelling Sam and Alisdair would cause a chain reaction which resulted in the center losing three additional volunteers prematurely. So for the next week, the remaining volunteers are going to be working extra hard to compensate for the loss.

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