Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Good Ending

It’s rut time. Bucks chasing does all over the place acting peculiar. I’ve seen more deer this week than in all my time here so far this summer combined. Just yesterday afternoon Mr. Brecht gave a few calls with his deer call and immediately a young 6 pointer stuck his head out of the golden wheat. A few more calls and the buck was strutting towards with a purpose that was amusing and made me feel strangely uncomfortable. I believe the buck would have walked right up to, so intent was he, but at 30 yards out Feh, the hunting dog, couldn’t resist her instinct any longer and rushed forward towards the field. A quick command by Mr. Brecht stopped her in her tracks but the deer realized something was wrong and charged off into the shadows of the forest.
The last weekend of my internship was spent in a sort of drive hunt. More accurately though it should be called a push hunt. On Saturday night about 20 hunters with 8 dogs between them met to drive the wild Boars out of the corn field. The hunters where placed all around the corn field and a few others, the dogs, and me where assigned the task of running through the corn field to drive the pigs out. I realized very quickly after entering the corn field that it would be very easy to get lost there. Most of the plant stood a good 2 to 3 feet over my head. The serrated leaves left countless small stinging cuts all over my face and arms. It was a crazy experience rushing from one side of a corn field to the other with terriers running by your feet howling and barking coming out the other side just to start over again in the opposite direction.
Two hours later, sweaty and raw, Mr. Brecht invited everyone for a beer at the local bar. It was a good finish to a great summer.

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