Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 5 at Camp farley

Well yet another week at Camp Farley. This week in ropes went amazing! The kids were cooperative, great listeners, and the best part ctually enjoyed ropes! A lot of times we get kids that sign up for the wrong reasons and it was refreshing to get kids that wanted to be in the adventure! Unfortunately it rained on their last day so a good hand full of them did not get to finsih the zip line and I felt so horrible about that, but the weather is unpredictable. Sometimes you get lucky and what you say actually gets through some kids so the lesson I learned this week is to always kepp changing things and reinventing yourself. Never stick to the same routine because it won't always affect one group like it would another. I had such an amazing week with them and I have to say they were my best group all summer!

My cabin was a little different. They were so tightly wound together that it was nearly impossible for me to get to know them.I felt like outsiders in my own cabin. I felt as if they did not care at all, but I undrestimated them. At the end of the week they hugged me and thanked me for such a good time. I was so surprised, but I was so glad that they had a good time. Even though someone does not express their every feeling and thought does not mean that I should have freaked out.


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