Sunday, August 9, 2009

week 6 at camp farley

This past week was not the best, but it was still a good week. My cabin was more talkative, but they were not as friendly to each other. It was hard trying to balance the different personality clashes. As long as I make the effort it will be okay. The kids this week were good and very fun during recreation. I love when they get so competitive and express so emotion when they are playing games. The excitement uplifts the counselors and it is a great feeling when you finish a game of capture the flag or kickball. There was one camper in particular that was so postivie during a game of kickball. We were down by 5 points, but she kept encouraging the whole team and it is moments like that that remind me how much I love this career choice.

Ropes was okay this week. We actually were able to get to a new element. They were good towards the end so I am glad I did not let the first few days get me down.


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